Honorary Consulate of the
Republic of the Congo-Brazzaville
in the United Kingdom
Consulat Honoraire de la
République du Congo-Brazzaville
au Royaume Uni


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If you wish you can download the Visa Requirements 

- One Visa Application (completed)   Application Form Download
- One recent photograph (passport photo)
- A valid Passport ( Must have at least 6 months validity at time of travel with 2 adjacent blank pages )

You will need to provide;
1. An official Invitation OR 'Certificat D'Hebergement' (Certificate of Accommodation) from Congo-Brazzaville. Please provide 2 copies of this document. If the invitation or certificate is not an original, a copy will suffice. 

2. A letter from the employer, on headed paper, MUST STATE THE FOLLOWING;
- Full names of employee, his/her nationality and passport number
- Job title, purpose of travel, length of Visa required and date arrival in Congo-Brazzaville/Pointe Noire.
- Full address and contact name of company in Congo-Brazzaville
- The employer's full responsibilities of the employee, including repatriation in case of emergency

You will need to provide;
- A Lodging Certificate (Certificat d'Herbergement) provided by relatives or friends in Congo-Brazzaville 
(If born in DRC Kinshasa, a Certificat d'Herbergement is mandatory)*
- Copy of Hotel Reservation / Detailed Itinerary of trip (Including official confirmation from Rep of Congo-Brazzaville)

Please provide 2 copies of this document.

Business visa conditions will apply. In addition, all journalists, photojournalists, researchers, cameraman, producers must obtain a written permission to film or carry out their duties in the country provided by the relevant Ministry in Brazzaville, before entering the country.
Please provide a full inventory of all equipment, this will be certified by the Consulate, and must be carried at all times during stay in Congo.

Note: Driving over land, using your own vehicle will require a Carnet de Passages en Douanes.

- An outgoing & return ticket to the country of residence or to the U.K
- Up-to-date appropriate vaccinations i.e Yellow Fever, Cholera etc. Which you will need to travel, the Consulate does not have to see this.

15 Day Visa - £75.00
1 Month (30 Days) Visa - £120.00
2 Months (60 Days) Visa - £150.00
3 Months (90 Days) Visa - £180.00
6 Months (180 Days) Visa - £300.00 
1 Year (365 Days) Visa - £550.00  

All nationalities can apply for a Visa at the Consulate in London.

*Applicants who were born in Dem. Rep of Congo (Kinshasa) will need to supply a Certificat d'Hebergement from a colleague in Rep. of Congo (Brazzaville/ Pointe Noire) to obtain a Visa. The Consulate can not supply a Visa without this document.  

When applying for a Visa, you can come to the Consulate here, you do not have to come in person, someone can come on your behalf.
Visa applications can be sent to our address, by courier or by Royal Mail Special Delivery. All applications sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery must have a paid return envelope as this will not be the Consulates responsibility. This service is available for UK applicants only

All applicants from outside of the UK will need to apply via an associate / Visa agent based in London/UK on their behalf. If you are based outside of the UK, the Consulate requests that you contact us prior to applying. 

We accept cash or Postal Order for this type of application.
Postal Orders should be made payable to 'Consulate of Congo Brazzaville'
Please contact the consulate to inform us that you are sending an application prior to sending them.

Visas will be available on a next day collection. The Consulate is unable to process Visas for same day collection. 

The last Visa lodging is 2.00pm

Passport Extension / Prorogation

Please note the Consulate in London does not provide Passports for The Republic of Congo

Passport Extension - £40.00
Biometric Passport extension - £50.00

Please note the Consulate cannot extend the Communaute Economique et Monetaire de L'Afrique Centrale - Rep of Congo (CEMAC) Passport 


Legalisation of Documents - £60.00 per document 
Must have duplicates for the Consulate records